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For the New Year

by on December 28, 2016

Things I Have Learned About Life

Spend time in God’s Word The Bible
Filter all of life through the Bible
Have reverence for God
Be respectful
Respect other people’s time
Put others first before yourself
Do not manipulate people
Invest your life in other people
Live above all the “fuss”
Do not get dragged into little fights
Reconcile issues as they arise
If you cannot reconcile – forgive
Do not hold grudges
Love everyone
Open your heart to others
Accept love from others
Be careful with assumptions
Be careful with ideologies
Listen carefully before you respond
Appreciate and adore people
Do not abuse people
Do not throw spears
Stay away from spear throwers
Keep your life clean
Keep your heart pure
Keep your thoughts pure
Defend the truth
Do not defend yourself
Do not be defensive
Submit yourself to wise people
Keep a playful attitude toward life
Keep an eternal perspective
Remember that things will burn up
Sing, Smile
Do not be a “macho” man
Do not be a controlling woman
Do not be a bully
Do not be snobby
Seek wisdom on every subject
Chose a task in life that is bigger
than you are

Find a healthy way to express emotions
Do not have a “dark side”
Do not have (bad) hidden secrets
Think critically
Respect elders
Do not be afraid – II Tim. 1:7
Live in liberty, not law or license
Learn to stand alone
Learn to enjoy standing alone
Defend the defenseless
Learn all the good things you can
Learn all the skills you can
Find a few faithful friends
See life through a Biblical lens
Do not be overly sensitive
Do not wear your feelings on your sleeves
Some people will not like you
Love them anyway
Be angry at the right things
Do not be angry at the wrong things
Tell the truth
Tell the truth about yourself
Tell the truth about yourself to your self
Tell the truth with love
Injury is opportunity to learn and forgive
Wounds can heal and become scars
God’s Spirit wants to lead you
Open your heart to God
God’s Word in your heart is the material that the Holy Spirit uses to build your spiritual life
Develop your spiritual gift
Use your spiritual gift
Grow up but do not get old
Something will control your life
Make sure it is God
Deal with sin – Josh. 7:21
Love like you have never been hurt
Take the high road
Be a safe person
Wisdom is knowing which rules to break

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