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God The Holy Spirit -5

by on January 9, 2017

God The Holy Spirit 5

The Trinity is:

God The Holy Father

God The Holy Son

God The Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is the blessed Spirit of God. This Spirit is:

Omnipotent and gentle

Imminent and transcendent

Infinite and eternal


He is the Spirit of Truth.


I Cor. 2:9-16


No one knows what is in the spirit of a person except the person him/herself.

No one knows what is in the Spirit of God except the Spirit of God.

I cannot have your spirit.

You cannot have my spirit.

We can have the Spirit of God in our spirit.

Therefore, we can know the Spirit of God

We can know the mind of God

We can know what God is thinking about situations of life

Because, we have the mind of Christ


Blessed Spirit of God, Thank you for sharing your mind with us your children.


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