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God The Holy Spirit – 10

by on January 17, 2017

God The Holy Spirit – 10

The Holy Spirit is the blessed Spirit of God.

He is the Spirit of truth

Jesus said,
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth

The fruit of the Holy Spirit begins with Love
In the Holy Spirit, truth and love are beautifully, totally blended and balanced
Truth is inadequate without love
Love is inadequate without truth
Together – they are the heart of Father God
Jesus is full of grace and truth – He is the perfect man
In the Holy Spirit they are perfectly blended
The Holy Spirit blends truth and love in our heart

O Lord God, You are perfect in love and truth. Bless us with the anointing of Your
Holy Spirit so that we may reflect Your beautiful perfection to Your world.
So that we may always be filled with love and truth.
So that we will always act with love and truth.

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