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Coaches and Cheerleaders

by on March 9, 2017

Coaches and Cheerleaders

First of all, keep in mind that there have been many women who have been coaches and many men who have been cheerleaders. This is not about gender. This is about life. This is about winning.

Cheer leaders are impressive. They believe in their team. They put lots of energy and time into cheering and practicing their cheering. They seem to enjoy what they do. They believe that their team is going to win. Even if their team is losing by 10 points and there are only 20 seconds left to play, they still think their team is going to win.
Cheerleaders are loyal. They adore the players. All of that is may be good, but…

Cheerleaders are not allowed in the locker room. That is for the coaches. Coaches tell the team what they need to do if they want to win. They draw lines and Xs and 0s on the board and tell the players what they need to do and how and why and when. They expect complete cooperation. Their goal is to win. They are interested in details of the player’s lives. Coaches are very specific.

They tell the players:
• What to wear
• What to eat
• What to not eat
• How much to sleep
• How to run
• How to pass
• How to catch
• How to throw
• How to slide
• How to hit
• How to not get hurt
• How to prepare mentally and physically for the contest
• How to keep their bodies in shape

Coaches are critical to the success of the team. There can be two teams with players of similar skills. One team wins. The other team looses. What is the difference? The difference is the coaching. Good coaches are in high demand. They demand much from their players. They give much to their players and to the game.

They send in plays. They sub in players. They know the abilities and weaknesses of each individual on the team. They know the weaknesses and strengths of the opposing team. They do their research. They prepare their team for the up-coming games. They are constantly making plans for next: game, week, year, and beyond.

Coaches can raise the ire of the players. But, eventually the players realize that they win because of the coaches. They respect the coach because they know the coach will always work for the good of the team.

What does this have to do with life or with anything for that matter? Life is just like this. There are many cheerleaders. There are few coaches. Cheerleaders get the attention. Coaches give constant attention and focus and direction.

There are many cheerleaders. They cheer for their team win. There are too few life-coaches. We desperately need more coaches.

We need coaches who can live the life and show us how to live the life by their lives.
We need coaches who know how to win the “game” of life.
We need coaches who tell us how to live, work, love, plan, teach, parent, lead, in all areas of life.
We need coaches who can call together a team of dedicated people who submit to the “rules” of life and faith.

Unfortunately churches also seem to have more cheerleaders than coaches.
They can tell you how good it is to be part of their “team.” They are loyal. But,
Where are the coaches?
Where are the leaders who can and will hold the people accountable?
Where are the men who can chart a course through the chaos of this modern society?
Where are the men who can tell us how to live and not lose the “game?”
Where are the men who can stand the pressure of the world system?
Where are the men who will not be distracted by the allures around them?
Where are the men who can guide us safely into the future?

The few coaches we have, need to be coaching a whole new generation of new coaches who will be able to learn how to live life and pass on the values and beliefs and convictions to the next generation. It is time to teach the teachers. It is time to lead the leaders. It is time to coach the coaches so they can coach the people.
It is time. It will soon be too late. It is time, now.

The Apostle Paul was a “wise masterbuilder.” The word means architect. He was an architect of the Christian life and Church. He was a coach. He lived the life. He taught the life. He taught coaches. There were many leaders of his day. He is the one that God features prominently in the Book of books.

Cheerleaders are impressive but, only coaches know and show and teach us how to win.
Cheerleaders are forgotten. Coaches, never.

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