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The Shack – Part III

by on March 15, 2017

The Shack – Part III

Whether this book is accurate or not, it has given voice to many hurting hearts. Maybe, just maybe, those hearts, now awakened will find the source and the depth for the longings that they experience. Maybe this is the needed wake-up call.

Maybe this book will open human hearts to seek and find the truth and the Truth and a new day will dawn when and where we become the Body of Christ in the ways God intended.

Idolatry takes many shapes. Idols of the heart are the current gods of choice. We make our idols after our own image. We make them to serve us and forget that we are not serving God, but we are serving our selves. Compliance and relevance have replaced obedience and holiness.

Today there is a counselor or a pill for all suffering and pain. Christ did not imbibe the sour wine that could have taken the edge off of His suffering. Opiates are becoming a most pressing factor in human behavior. Let us take care that we bring health and love to all of life’s domains without demanding immediate relief from its difficulties.

Not only pills, but touch screens and false religions are current opiate options. Only freeing ourselves from them will allow us to see God in our pain, not just as the relief from it.

Do not be content with chaos. The shack rightly brings the unconditional love of God to life. But also needed is the God of order; not just the god of our conception of acceptance. Do not get used to chaos. Do not think of chaos as acceptable. Jesus spoke to the storm. God condemned Lucifer for his disobedience. Paul spoke truth about Alexander the coppersmith. Jesus called the Pharisees to account for their sins.

It is in chaos that God appears. He brings order to it. He does not condone it. He does not consider it normal as it is in post modernism. He brings it to order and brings order to it. Creation and nature are our constant reminders and proof of that. Love produces that order. Beauty emerges from that order. We are to be examples of that order, even in our pain.

The Shack has highlighted a neglected domain: the emotive center of human existence. Needed, but not at the loss of God-aided reason. Emotions but, not at the loss of truth.

The message of The Shack is understandable and needed but also inadequate. It is a flight to the opposite side of the road – a corrective which has, once again, gone too far and taken many with it.

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