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The Shack – Part IV

by on March 17, 2017

The Shack – Part IV

Jesus’ answer to seeing “sheep without a shepherd was to teach them many things.” His answer to the chaos of life was to bring truth to the people. Jesus was a teacher – a master Mark 6:34.

Teaching truth empowers people. They then have the tools to make accurate judgments and discernment about life. The task of the Church is to teach, baptize and teach again Matthew 28:19-20.

The bible is a book of balance. Paul confronted Peter to the face “because he was to be blamed.” Paul also called the Galatians “my little children because he loved them so much. Paul told the Philippians, “I have you in my heart.” It is possible to be correct and caring – It is possible to be truthful and also loving. Not just possible – essential

The Bible is a book of balance Proverbs 3:3. Sometimes it about extreme balance Romans 11:22. God is extravagant goodness and extreme severity.

Humans are typically out of balance – they tend towards all love or all truth. That is not the Bible. That is not God of the Bible. ‘By mercy and truth iniquity is purged’ Proverbs 16:6.  Jesus fulfilled that scripture – He was ‘full of grace and truth’ John 1:14.

The emerging/emergent movement is an attempt to restore balance in Christendom by emphasizing factors that have been ignored for so long. Doctrine and beliefs have been emphasized to the lack of love and grace and mercy and worship. The emerging system is attempting to restore those concepts.

The Shack is an attempt to restore balance by emphasizing aspects of God that have been ignored for so long. The emphases are similar to those of the emerging approach. The primary weakness of both of these approaches is their willingness to relinquish a firm grasp on truth.

Balance is of the essence.
On one side is: grace, mercy, and love.
On the other side is: truth, righteousness and judgment.
Over emphasis on either side of the discussion is not God’s plan. Balance, as in Jesus Christ, is God’s plan for His children and His Church.

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