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Children of God

by on May 8, 2017

Sons of God

“We do ourselves and God a disservice by continually harping upon our own sinfulness. We do very much more good if we honestly believe and reckon upon our capacity, through Christ, of sinlessness.

So often one has heard Christians taking an almost morbid delight in their discoveries of their own sinfulness, yet how rarely has one heard of Christians delighting in their own God-given capacity not to sin.

God’s heredity is in you and me, a potent and in the last resort undefeatable factor in our personalities. Just as surely as human traits of character will come out in our children, so surely will the likeness of Christ be exhibited in those who are God’s sons through Him.

We are slow to believe this, and we tend to play it down as though it were somehow presumptuous on our part to believe that the very nature of God is in us. We may, and we should, feel unworthy of such high honor, but the whole glory and beauty of the Gospel is that it is God’s free gift. There is no question here of deserving – nobody deserves this gift of God.

It is all part of God’s amazing generosity that in order to make His vast plan of reconciliation practicable through frail and often unreliable human agents, He not only calls them sons of God, BUT MAKES THEM SONS OF God. He does not give them a mere tantalizing title; He implants a dependable heredity within them.

J.B. Phillips in Making Men Whole p.53

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