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Born Again

by on May 9, 2017

When you were born again, you were born INTO Christ’s Body. You are a member, a vital part of THE Church, the heavenly order that is truly Church.

Your enjoyment of the fullness of Christ, your participation in Church, is dependent on His actual Lordship in your deepest walk of life. And that was Paul’s work, to call saints over and over back into and under the Lordship of Christ. This is ministry! And this alone is Church: “To be governed by the Holy Spirit.”

Church IS and happens where Christ is Lord. ‘Church’ doesn’t have to be pumped up, shouted about, advertised. Just help people surrender to the Lordship of Christ and Church will appear.

It has nothing to do with meetings, organizations, or projects. It has to do ONLY with Christ as Lord. Jesus as Lord, Master, King—not in ‘talk’, not in sloppy sentimentality, not in grandiosity. Lord…

Martha Kilpatrick

From → Brethren History

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