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What Do We Learn From Scripture?

by on June 1, 2017

What Do We Learn From Scripture?
Two things:

1. Worship of God
2. Thankfulness to God

That simple exhortation from Romans is the definition of discipleship.
The composition and character of creation calls us to commitment to Creator God.

Jesus calls us to discipleship. That means we love and obey and follow Him. We place our faith in Him and His Scripture. His Holy Spirit directs us from deep within our being. He renews our mind. He lives in and through us. We live for Him.

1. We worship. We adore Him. Worship is our life. Our life worships God the Heavenly Father just as Jesus did. We worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We honor Him in everything that we do, think, or say. That is discipleship.

2. We are thankful. We bless His name. Our lives are lived as thank offerings to Him. We are not our own. We are bought. He bought us. We are His servants. We are His friends.

Psalms become our voice. Joy and pain and tears and laughter all together make a life of discipleship to Jesus Christ and His Word – to Jesus Christ who is the Word of God.

The Spirit of God is in our spirit and our mind is renewed – the Spirit is a well of water springing up from within us. Discernment is our portion. That is discipleship.

Discipleship is a life of Truth and Love. Those are the healing components of Scripture. Those are the components of the life of Jesus – grace and truth. Those are the components of the life Jesus is calling us to live.

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