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Truth to Reality

by on June 4, 2017

Truth to Reality

The business of faith is to convert truth into reality. What do you really believe? Take time and catalogue it up; are you converting your belief into reality?

You say, ‘I believe God has sanctified me’ – does your actual life prove He has? ‘I believe God has baptized me with the Holy Spirit’ why? Because you had cold shivers and visions and marvelous times of prayer?

The proof that we are baptized with the Holy Spirit is that we bear a strong family likeness to Jesus, and men take knowledge of us, as they did of the disciples after Pentecost, that we have been with Jesus, they recognize the family likeness at once. True justification can only result in sanctification.

By justification God anticipates that we are holy in His sight, and if we will obey the Holy Spirit we will prove in our actual life that God is justified in justifying us.

Oswald Chambers in Conformed to His Image – p.71

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