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Genes and Memes

by on August 18, 2017

Genes and Memes

Life is made of genes and memes. We inherit the genes and we inherit/adopt the memes. Genes determine some of our physical makeup. Memes determine our lifestyle.

Memes are critical because they give us our narrative – our story. We accept our story and then our story becomes us. Our story makes us who we are, unless we are young and/or are searching for another narrative. Our upbringing and experiences contain the memes that produce our beliefs and behaviors. We adopt/imitate and then express those memes.

A meme can be a statement, a belief, a concept, an image, or a belief that is passed to the next generations. We are somewhat familiar with genetic defects. They cause physical and mental problems for those who inherit them. Memes can also be defective and/or destructive. A meme that causes a lack of care for the poor or downtrodden, a meme that allows for powerful people to injure the innocent and helpless, a meme that prevents individuals from rising to their potential; these are defective and destructive concepts.

In this age there are many memes/stories from which to choose. There are many memes to imitate. Modern communication makes everything available. The good, the bad, and the ugly – everything is there. The choices are yours.

Youth – Youth are looking for community that they can and want to emulate. They are looking for authentic family and church where people are real and love each other and build each other up – a place where people are safe and secure from shame and wrong – a place where love, joy and peace flourish.

They have seen and experienced enough of the pretence and politics. They are looking for a life after which they can pattern their lives.

They are looking for a life that they want and need and then they want to follow that life in the community and in the church. If they cannot find that, they will “quietly walk away” from the life they have known and will create their own version of reality. They will likely adopt another way of life that has, for them, a convincing message.

Many of them no longer have loyalty to systems, no matter how persuasive. It will have to be authenticity and integrity or nothing. They are even resisting marriages that will funnel them into dysfunctional systems.

To the older generation of parents and church leaders – it is so critical that the memes/lives we produce are worth imitating. “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Can we say that? Are we doing that? If not, it must start now. We are about to lose a generation and with that loss, our entire culture.

Are we living a life that our children want to duplicate? Are they attracted to our life-style and worship? Are we displaying the real joy of life or do we cope each day to just survive? Is love the characteristic of our life and relationships? That is God’s way.

Those questions must be answered. Those questions are being answered by how you live. You must get it right. Whatever the cost, you must get it right. You do not have to be perfect but, your heart must be right. You do not have forever. Now is the time. A whole generation is making choices. You must provide a life they want to imitate. If you do not, they will disappear. They will walk away. They are walking away. Now.

Do they want what you have? You can do something about that. Now.

Life is made of genes and memes. The genes are settled fact. Your hair color, your height and body type are mostly determined before your birth.

Memes also determine your life. Memes are beliefs, behaviors and ideas that are passed along from generation to generation. Those concepts become the formative factors in the behaviors of the next generation. Beliefs produce behaviors. The underlying beliefs are the memes that frame the behaviors for following generations. Chose the good and useful and reject the evil and destructive.
Life depends upon that. Now.

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