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God Loves You

by on September 22, 2017

God loves you
You have worth – God values you
You are a gift – a gift from God to His world
You are a gift who has gifts – gifts the world needs
Satan is determined not to allow you to be a gift from God
God takes pleasure in you
You bring pleasure to Him
God thinks you are beautiful
God thinks that you are wonderful
You are His masterpiece
You are His treasure
You bring Him joy
‘In whom I am well pleased’ – He said about His Son

That’s why He wants us to love each other
He wants His children to love each other so we feel His love– Jn. 13:35
Only when we realize all of this will we be truly humble

Love what God loves, hate what God hates,
Cry when He cries, rejoice with what gives Him Joy
So you can know the heart of the Father
So you fear to break His heart – the heart of Jesus

God Loves you

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