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Church Truth

by on October 16, 2017

Church Truth

Yeshua to Nicodemus
(Paraphrase of John 3:1-21)


Thank you for your visit. Sorry you are only comfortable to do so under the cover of darkness. I am available everyday as I move among the people. But, however and whenever you want to talk to me, I am available.

Your greeting was very impressive. Such speeches are not part of my Kingdom. I can only respond as YHVH speaks to me. Nicodemus, you think that you are part of the Kingdom of YHVH but, unless you are born again you will never see that Kingdom.

Your response to my call for rebirth was very sad. As a true politician you switched from insincere flattery to sad mockery. You know very well that is not what I am talking about. You have already done that. You are already born of your mother. You cannot do that again. You are born of the flesh. But, Nicodemus, you also need to be born of the Spirit!

That which is born of flesh is flesh!
That which is born of Spirit is Spirit!

YHVH’s world is full of examples of that principle.

You are asking, how can these things that I teach be true. Nicodemus, are you a master in Israel and do not know the things I am telling you? You have Ezekiel and Jeremiah and all the writings and the prophets. You should know these things.

You came to me saying, “WE know that YOU…” You set up a ‘WE and YOU polarization.’ You are correct. There is a ‘WE and YOU’ situation.’ Truly, I say to you, ‘WE speak and know and testify and YOU do not accept OUR testimony. There is indeed a ‘We and YOU’ situation. You are right about that. Make sure you are on the right side of that.

There are examples from your own written tradition that speak of me. In fact, I was promised all through your Scriptures.

Nicodemus, YHVH loves you. He sent me here to show love to you and to all the world. Your scriptures are filled with that message. I am not here to condemn you but to bring YHVH’s salvation to you. If you believe on me you will not be condemned. If you do not believe my simple message you are already condemned!

You have a decision to make. Accept the light that YHVH sent through me or live in darkness. You can hate the light or love the light but you cannot replace the light.

If you are willing to love and live and obey the Truth of YHVH, your life will show that you are born again of His Holy Spirit.

Nicodemus, you cannot know this now but, I know that in my death for you, you will see the light and you will come to YHVH and be born again of the Holy Spirit of YHVH.

Yeshua haMashiach

(Source unknown)

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