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Fighting for the Heart VI. Those who fight for people’s hearts

by on October 20, 2017

Fighting for the Heart VI. Those who fight for people’s hearts

Two kinds of counselors
1. Biblical counselors – are called by God to meet the needs of other people.
2. Codependents – need to be needed and use other people to meet their own needs.

As a Spiritual warrior, Spiritual discernment and wisdom and strength are of utmost importance. Romans 15:13-14 is plain – There are critical ingredients for shepherds who are Spiritual warriors. We must be filled with goodness and knowledge so we are qualified to speak truth into hurting hearts. We must be ready to speak truth into minds and hearts that are not thinking clearly.

We must accurately represent the love and goodness of God. We must accurately represent the justice of God to these people.
Communicate –
1. Listen carefully
2. Repeat/reflect in your own words what you heard them say
3. Tells them that you heard
4. Allows them to rethink what they said
5. Prevents escalation of terms and discussion
6. Take people seriously
7. Re-parenting

No matter their age, struggling people need parenting – parenting to help them understand what they should have learned as children. Discipline, order, structure, diligence and kindness, are some of the characteristics they need to learn. They also need to learn to not be selfish. Selfishness is the root cause of most problems.

Also, to truly value others, you need to value yourself. You need a Romans 12:3 picture of yourself. You need to see yourself as an agent of healing. You need to sense the call of God on your life as a soul-physician, a heart-healer. You do not need to be any kind of expert but you need to be self-less and caring.

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