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1 + 1 = 1

by on November 26, 2017

1 + 1 = 1

God made one man and one woman. Simple but profound. Simplistic even, but still profound.

God’s plan is not complicated. We complicate life. People who do not follow God’s plan complicate life. Somehow we think we know better than God. Satan deceives us or we just personally decide that we can do it better than God.

How many men do I have to meet who think it OK to do porn? What is the problem? How does this help? Sure the pictures are pretty (well, not all of them. Some are downright despicable and destructive).

How many men think they have the right to look at women who are perfectly sculpted and bronzed? Where would they get that right? Would they afford that right to the women in their lives: their wives, daughters, mothers?

Would these men be OK with the women in their lives gawking at muscle-beach magazines or movies of some sort? Pictures of perfectly muscled and tanned male bodies in alluring settings – would that be OK? What if their wives were addicted to the fantasy of experiences with those perfectly sculptured men? Would that be OK?

Most men do not look like that. Most women do not look like the women in porn either. Why would a skinny or over-weight , balding and aging man think he has a right to a private life of lust by indulging in shapely young female bodies? Why? How far from reality is that? How far from truth is that? How far from God is that? Do we care? Does anyone care? In the Anabaptist community – how far have adult men gone in the way of adolescent sin?

O sure, it is harmless and we all like to look at pictures of beautiful sunsets, animals, landscapes, oceans and other parts of God’s creation, so what can be wrong with pictures of naked humans? What is wrong is that God has a plan and those pictures are not it.

1 + 1 = 1. God made one man and one woman. Simple but profound. Simplistic even, but still profound. That is His plan for His human creation. That is His plan for you to be naked and not ashamed.

Many of us promised: “leave father and mother and cleave to your spouse” “til death do us part” “for better or worse…” You know the plan. You know the promise. You promised. There is a reason for that. It is not negotiable. It is not violable without incalculable damage.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Somehow they think they can have it both ways. They cannot. You cannot. We are reaping the sins of instability and worse.

The sin of porn is passed from generation to generation destroying lives as it goes. It really is infidelity. It is adultery. Somehow some men seem to ignore that fact. How many young men have told me that they found a stash that their dad or older brother thought was totally hidden? Now screens tell the tales of infidelity.

I have seen women cry. When they discover their men are looking at other women’s bodies their crying is a different kind of crying. It is a uniquely painful kind of rejection. The pain does not go away. They can never look at their husbands the same way again. Trust is gone. Men, restoring that trust is a long painful process.

Men, when are you going to get the message? This sin is not a victimless issue. It has many victims. You are one of them. Your wife and children are victims. Truth be told, the girls in the images are victims also.

God has a plan. You are part of that plan. Either you follow Him or you destroy what He has planned for you and your life. Grow up. Respect and protect the women in your life: every woman you see deserves your respect and your protection. Be she a member of your family, a person you encounter in life, or an image on a page or screen – you are called by God to fidelity and faithfulness – to be a man of God and a man who fulfills God’s plan.

What would Jesus do? He would take off His coat and wrap it around that naked girl. He would guard her beauty – He would honor her beauty that He created. She would see the love and protection in His eyes and His actions. Her wounded heart and body would revel in His extravagant grace and respect. She would adore His love as pure and holy. Men, God is calling you to be ‘Jesus’ to your world.

That is the call of God on your life.
Here and now.

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