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Polygamy in Our Modern World

by on January 9, 2018

Polygamy in Our Modern World

We usually think of polygamy (or in some cases) polyandry as components of pagan societies. As any society moves further toward paganism, it should not be surprising to find these sinful practices present. Why should they show up in our Anabaptist communities? That is my observation and question.

Polygamy is a man having many ‘wives.’ That is a simple process in today’s world. A man can have a wife and family and also have access to other women through actual contacts or through pornography. A man can have many ‘wives’ all the while appearing to be a faithful ‘husband’ at home. This is adultery.

Marriage is a covenant of faithfulness between a man and a woman. They promised to live in faithful harmony, FORSAKING ALL OTHERS AND KEEPING MYSELF ONLY FOR YOU. They said, “I will” or “I do.” The Bible language is: LEAVE AND CLEAVE.

This is unmistakable language. They made an unalterable, unbreakable PROMISE FOR AS LONG AS THEY BOTH SHALL LIVE.

Modern polygamy provides a harem for the husband. He gets all the women he wants through images or actual physical contacts. He gets all this while he expects unquestioned, faithful monogamy from his wife. This is infidelity. Infidelity is being unfaithful to the vows that make you either a husband or a wife. That lack of faithful living can take many forms. In the modern world, cell phones, clubs, computers, etc. make it very easy and available to anyone anywhere.

For those who are not married, infidelity is actually fornication because of intimacies with many images and persons to none of which, they are married. They are sinning against God and against their future spouse, should they someday choose to marry.

Polygamy has become commonplace, even expected in this modern age. Just like pagan and Godless societies of the past, we are in an age of unfaithfulness. Men think their wives should just accept that their ‘husbands’ need and deserve the freedom to have access to as many women as they want. If and when they are caught or decide to confess, they expect their wives and families to forgive them and not really expect them to change their polygamous ways.

Young boys discover the easy access to captivating images and various types of porn. They develop a taste for illicit images and activities that continue even after they marry. Some are choosing to not marry. The silver screen or live harem is replacing the real person that God intended to provide love and care for both for life.

From the play room to the board room. From the farm to the factory. From the chairman to the chaplain – polygamy is alive and well. We are all the losers. It goes on from generation to generation. Fathers think their sons and daughters know nothing of their behaviors. Wrong. They find out and they know.

These men are living empty lives. They live with the knowledge of their own duplicity and their own dishonestly. They are double-minded men who are unstable in all their ways. How can they live with that? A generation devoid of integrity.

God’s plan was Adam and Eve – one man – one woman. Moses allowed a corruption of God’s plan because of the hardness of hearts but, Jesus said, “From the beginning it was not so.” It is to be “not so” now either.

Human marriage is a type of the marriage of Jesus Christ and His Church, His bride. Isn’t God’s way the best way? Why would you corrupt or damage that perfect image that God created? Why?

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