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Codependency – God’s Leaders – Moses

by on February 15, 2018

Codependency – God’s Leaders – Moses

Moses – in today’s world Moses would be accused of co-dependency, invasive behaviors, interrupting a stable culture, over compensating, people pleasing, neediness, anxiety, over performing, pursuing, insecurity, too passionate….


Give it up, Moses, what do you think you are doing? Can’t you tell when to quit? These people are doing fine. They have adapted to their conditions. They are comfortable. They have their own culture. You are disrupting their culture. Give it up, Moses. Go back to the wilderness where you belong. Just because you saw a bush and thought it was on fire – who do you think you are?

When these people want you they will come to you – you do not have to pursue them. What is wrong with you? You are making a fool of yourself! You are making yourself a self-appointed savior – where did you get that idea? Can you not tell when you are not welcome? You are becoming a real problem.

And think of all the heartache this is causing you. Think of your actions. You have done some really drastic things. You are wearing yourself out. Think of all the time you spend in prayer. Do you think you can change the plans of Yahweh? Are you offering yourself as a sacrifice for these people? These are Yahweh’s people. He can take care of them. Do you think you are the answer to all the world’s problems? You are slowly killing yourself and then you will not be valuable to anyone!

Give it up Moses, give it up. Give these people some space. They have a system that works just fine. Sure they are slaves but we are all slaves to something and they have security. They have really good food. They like their lives – generations of them are buried right here where they live. God gave them this land and they are doing fine. Where did you get this “Promised Land” idea anyway? Did you make that up also?

Moses, go back to the desert. You are a good shepherd and you can pray in the desert and give all this to Yahweh. These people can solve their problems without your help. Yahweh has the world under control. Take care of yourself. You only have so much energy. If you are not careful, you will not make it to the “Promised Land” either. We need you, so before you destroy yourself, give this up. We care about you. We really do.

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