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Martin Luther by Hans Mast

by on March 3, 2018

Martin Luther by Hans Mast

These four posts about Martin Luther by Hans Mast have been enlightening and enriching. Very few treatments of the life of Luther will be so far-reaching and encompassing.

As a Church History teacher in the conservative Mennonite system, (including classes on Reformation Studies) contrasting Luther and Menno, for example is a very useful study and needs to be part of the understanding of our leaders.

With all the emphasis on Luther’s contributions, it is instructive to be aware of his failings and weaknesses relative to the story of the Western, Christian Church. Especially relative to the Anabaptist movement, it is critical that we realize that we are not Protestant reformers. We are restorationists. Our goal, past and present, is to restore the beliefs and practices of the early Church.

Modern Evangelicalism has pattered after the Protestant Reformation including the errors of Martin Luther. May we as modern Anabaptists continue to pattern our lives on the unfailing Scriptures as illuminated by the Holy Spirit of God.

Thanks to Hans Mast for providing the posts on Luther and for editing the posts to readable bites of his much longer article.

Thanks to Kevin Greiner for his long-term tech support of biblicalbrethrenfellowship.

May the Good Lord bless us in and for His service.

Frank Reed
Romans 8:2

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