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Life Has Only One Question

by on March 5, 2018

Life Has Only One Question

The question can be framed like this:
Who is in charge in this creation?

That one question comes to us as two options:

1. Is God in charge of my life?

2. Am I in charge of my life?

When life gets difficult, we feel like we have to take charge of our lives. To some extent that is true. God expects us to be responsible for our life and behavior. He has given us dominion over His creation. But His rules and laws are in force and we need to abide by His rules. He is in charge. Violation of His rules brings destruction.

We need to seek God’s direction for how we exercise dominion over His creation. We are stewards of His creation.

If God is in charge of my life, then all the questions of life are answered. I will turn to God’s Word and seek and find His answers. His Spirit in my life will direct my life with and for Him.

If I am in charge of my life then I make the decisions and take control of my life.

For many people, life has been out of control. Someone has controlled them. How can they emerge from unhealthy control?

We need to present to people that God is in charge of life – their life – by living like God is in charge of life. What are the options? There are two options:

  1. Fear based living makes us take control and leads us to be controlled by ungodly people and ungodly influences.

2. Love based living allows us to be vulnerable and to give control over to God and Godly people and Godly influences.

Those are the options.

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