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Love and Life as Women and Men

by on May 10, 2018

Love and Life as Women and Men

God has a plan. He made men and women. He intends for us to get along well and respect and bless each other. He does not intend insult, injury, abuse, or harm. He intends for us to respect and protect and love each other.

Our differences are complementary. We complete each other. We are not in competition. We treat each other with genuine love. We communicate safety safely without fear because we respect and protect each other in every way.

We are made to live together as sisters and brothers. If we marry, He intends for us to live as husband and wife. In family, He intends for us to live in harmony and joy.

Our pattern for life is the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ
Our security in life is the love of God our Father.
Our relationships for life are the fruit of the Holy Spirit of truth.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control mold our relationships. Those are the expressions of the Spirit of Holiness who lives within us. That same Spirit governs the body of Christ which is our collective identity.

We bring blessing to each other in cases of harm or injury of any kind. Our hearts are always open to give and receive love. Healing love comes from our relationship with our Creator and Sustainer. We are His children and we live His love. We live to honor Him and each other. We put the needs of others ahead of our own.

We protect the vulnerable, guide the distressed, and heal the hurting. We comfort the grieving, direct the wayward and share our resources. We give and receive counsel with Biblical wisdom.

We never exploit, and are always safe, rejoice in truth and revel in joy. We bless and are blessed. We confront without fear and offer healing without shame.

Business is conducted fairly. Romance results in marriage. Friendships grow and bless both women and men. Boundaries are observed and replace any walls that need to be torn down.

What a wonderful life. What a wonderful world. What a amazing Life of Love here on planet earth as we anticipate the joys and bliss of eternity. We live a bit of Heaven here and now as we honor the plan of our marvelous and majestic Creator by Living His Love.

We are daughters and sons of One Father whose life we share and whose image we bear.

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