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Life and love and Mother’s Day

by on May 12, 2018

Life and love – Mother’s Day

This is the day to honor all the Godly women in our lives whether they are mothers or not. God created Eve beautiful to be the complementary partner to Adam. It is still that way. Women complete men. A wife completes her husband. She does not replace him. She does not usurp authority from him. She makes him complete.

As men, we are raising the next generation of wives and mothers. Our character determines their joy for life. Our purity keeps them emotionally healthy and Spiritually strong. Our love provides their security and shows them what kind of man to choose for a husband someday.

What an amazing honor for us as men to be able to live here on God’s earth and love and protect the girls and women He has placed into our lives.

We have a mother.
We have a sister
We have a wife.
We have a daughter.

Adore and cherish these wonderful ladies that God has shared with you.
They are His gifts to complete your life as a man.

Blessings to the Godly women in our lives today and every day. You are God’s gifts to us as men.


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