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Life and Love and Our Prayer

by on May 22, 2018

This is Our Prayer

Our – For all of us who are your children.

Father – We are all children of the same Father. We have your DNA.

In Heaven – You are watching over all of us and everything you created. You are present with interest. You are the Sustainer.

Your name is holy – We honor your name as holy. We hallow your name in our lives.

Your Kingdom come – Among all the kingdoms of this world which will all pass away, your eternal Kingdom is our desire. Our hearts beat in your Kingdom. We are citizens of your Kingdom no matter which kingdom presently rules on this earth.

Your will be done – That is all we care for – for your will to be done. Not my will but your will be done. Not our will, but your will be done. We submit to your will in our personal lives and in all of life.

On earth as it is in Heaven – What a wonderful thought. Your perfect will is done in Heaven. We so long for that to be true here on earth also. And so we pray for that wonderful experience to be our experience here and now. Our energies are expended to pursue that wonderful time when it can and will be true. For now it is true for us as your children

Give us this day our daily bread – In spite of all of our preparations, our daily sustenance is totally dependent upon you and so we ask your provisions for our physical lives.

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors – Uh-Oh – this one is hard. So much we need forgiveness. We need to be forgiven by you. And you have made this contingent upon our being like you in our forgiveness of others. Lord help us….. We can and we will just as you have done and will do.

And lead us not into temptation – We know that you do not. We also know that you test us. Please Lord, give us grace to see your power to live victoriously in these tests that you place into our lives….

But, deliver us from evil – Indeed. Evil is everywhere. We do not always see it. Sometimes it looks like good. Oh Lord – please deliver us from evil. Evil is determined to destroy us but Salvation is of the Lord. Deliver us from evil – our very Spiritual existence depends on this.

For yours is the Kingdom- Yes, your Kingdom is really the only Kingdom anywhere. All other kingdoms will be carried away like the dust on the threshing floor but your Kingdom will grow into a great mountain and it will fill the whole earth and it will stand for ever. Thank you that we are part of your eternal Kingdom.

And yours is the power – Thank you Father for the power. Power for living. Power for living life with and for you. Your power in us is the power that provides the power for us to live above the evil and temptation and lack of forgiveness and lack of thankfulness and wanting our own will above your will.

And yours is the glory – What is glory? – Our minds cannot wrap around the concept of glory.
It is the ineffable light in which you dwell.
It is the immeasurable love which you offer.
It is the unchangeable purpose which you chart through our history.
It is the boundless compassion with which you shepherd your children.
It is the unshakable confidence that you possess as you unravel the mysteries of your worlds to our spellbound eyes and minds.
It is the hope of our hearts.

Forever – In the endless, ceaseless ages of eternity – from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

Amen – So may it be.
We agree with you in this wonderful prayer that you taught us to pray.
We submit to your will and to your Kingdom.
We long for the eschaton of this prayer to be realized in our personal lives now and in your eternal plan for your creation forever.


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