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Lessons in Soul Care

by on June 5, 2018

Protecting yourself


Take care of your self – Jesus came apart to rest for a while

Be honest with yourself about yourself, others and God
Truth and honesty will eventually bring healing
Respect yourself – God made you to be an impact in your world
Seek competent long-term counsel – follow their counsel
Make a team of trusted people to surround you
Be the adult in the room – see things clearly – make wise choices
Rise above the messy situations
Have confidence in your decisions
Make long-range plans
Stay with a plans
Take charge if it is obvious that no one is being responsible
Be kind to all
Realize that wisdom is a gift from God
Invest time in God’s Word
Pray for specific people
Realize that life is a long term process
Take charge of your own life with discipline in each area of life
Make boundaries to protect and honor yourself and others
Boundaries build safe space around you so you can live
Grieve your losses – grief will bring healing
Be willing to suffer for what is right
Give yourself for others, but not always to others
Thank people seven times
Be grateful – gratefulness is a life-changing experience
Be cheerful – it is contagious
Model in your own life what you want to see in other’s lives

Do not:

Do not live in survival mode
Do not allow setbacks to derail your plans
Do not be discouraged when people disagree with you
Do not allow polarization of family, ministry, etc.
Do not associate with people who cannot or will not help
Do not make walls that keep people out unless they are harmful
Do not pity yourself
Do not fear humans, fear God
Do not try to control people – you can only control your own responses to them and try to bring them to truth and love
Do not allow someone to treat you in an abusive way

Realize that all pain and suffering must be kept and understood in the context of the suffering of Jesus. None of us comes close to the sorrow and rejection He suffered.
Remember that the real enemy is Satan. He controls people. Do not allow him to control you.
Communicate – make sure that people understand you and that you understand them

Grief tends to follow patterns – allow yourself to grieve.
Remember that feelings of anger or hatred are often misdirected.

Disappointment or anger can make us believe that we hate the person who caused our distress. If you love them, admit that to yourself and allow your feelings of love to minister to them in spite of your pain. At the same time, protect yourself from allowing them to continue to hurt you if they refuse to change their ways.

Commit all of life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ

God bless you as you bless those God has placed in your life

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