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Lessons in Soul Care – A Love Story

by on June 6, 2018

Lessons in Soul Care – A Love Story

A Love Story – Joseph and Mrs. Potiphar

Joseph loved Mrs. Potiphar. How do we know that? He took good care of her house. He honored her marriage. He respected her as a person. He guarded her reputation. He respected her husband. His actions toward her were sourced in genuine love.

Did Mrs. Potiphar love Joseph? She certainly expressed an intense interest in him. She must have known him well. She waited until no other servants were in the house to coax him into a tryst with her. Imagine the bragging rights she must have anticipated – to be the one to have gotten Joseph into bed with her.

But, did she love him? Hardly, she wanted to use him to love herself, if that can be called love. Her focus was on herself. She was interested in the pleasure he could afford her. That is not love. That is selfishness.

So, when she did not get her way with him, what did she do? She blamed and accused him falsely and retaliated against a perfectly honorable man who would not do what she wanted him to do. Is that love? That is not love. That is despicable, self-centered and wicked.

Did Joseph love Mrs. Potiphar? So much that he would suffer for truth even in the face of prison time for him. He would not compromise. He would not sin. He would not do this great wickedness and sin against his God. He loved Mrs. Potiphar, but he loved God more.

This is a love story – not the type of love story in which we may find ourselves fascinated, but a true love story – a real love story – a Godly man rejecting pleasurable sin and doing what is right even in the face of certain disgrace and punishment.

That is real love.
That is a real love story.
That is God’s love story.

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