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Lessons in Soul Care – A Character Study

by on June 10, 2018

Lessons in Soul Care – A Character Study

I and II Samuel are a story of character study

Do you see yourself in this story?
Where is God calling you?
Are you being faithful to that calling?

Are you David?– Behave wisely, do not throw spears, flee instead of fight, guard your heart
Are you Jonathan?– Be forthright and faithful and honest and a loyal friend
Are you Saul’s wife? – Faithfully raise your son while in a difficult marriage
Are you the people? – Do not blindly follow leaders who are not Godly
Are you Nathan? -Tell the truth to the king – be tactful and honest, be God’s messenger
Are you Saul? -Confess, repent, return to the Lord and seek His forgiveness and blessing before it is too late
Are you Samuel?– Fearlessly speak God’s truth to the leaders, do not neglect your family

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