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Christian Maturity – Part I

by on August 8, 2018

Christian Maturity – How to Become Mature, Christian Adults

God has immutable laws for life, family, parenting and Church. When we follow God’s laws, everyone is blessed. When we do not follow God’s laws, we create confusion that is passed to the next generations. Turn your life to God today. He is waiting to bless in ways you never dreamed that He could or would.

Hurt people hurt people. They will find ways to do that, sometimes intentionally and sometimes subconsciously. Hurt people are the center of their self-made universe. It is not necessary to live like that. God has plans for blessing you. God wants you to grow to maturity in every way. He wants you to be and act like a mature, Christian adult.

This discussion could apply to you, your spouse, child, mom, dad, or anyone you know. The way people grow up is what they believe to be true. As men of God it is our task to live and speak truth and get in the way of evil and bring the healing of God to them and be “Jesus” to our world – be willing to pay – whatever the cost to us. We will look at areas that apply to this subject and determine what God’s plan is for His human creation.

Love is the answer. People fear love and so they hide and run away from love. Can that fear be conquered? God is the good, good, Father who gives us what we need to accept and revel in His love.

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