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Christian Maturity – Part III -Late = Zero

by on August 12, 2018

Late = Zero

What to do? Students could not seem to turn in assignments on time. It took more time to chase late papers than it did to grade on-time papers.

An idea! What if there would be an incentive to do the work on time? What if there would be a reason to be prepared on the assigned date? What if there would be a penalty for being late. What to do? How to accomplish that?

An idea! What if late equaled zero; late = 0?

The following year I implemented the policy.
“It is very simple – late = 0. How complicated can that be?”

Will it be tested? It was tested, but it stayed. I held my ground. Some students had to find out the hard way, but it worked. It worked for me and it worked for them.

What a blessing for them and for me. Papers in on time and graded on time and returned on time and no more chasing late assignments.

Life can be very simple. Implement the right policies and life will change. Discipline is the bottom line. Do it now. Do it right. Be blessed and bless others by doing what is right

Hopefully that lesson served the students well. Hopefully it created in them the concept of timely accomplishment.

People will rise to expectations. If the group expectation is healthy and useful, life can be a classroom of and for good people.

God has His own timetable. What is it? We do not know. My day may be today. His Word says, be ready. In that case, late may be too late. We will be graded on life by the Master Teacher. Are you ready? Will your assignments be done? On time? A zero in school is a minor matter. Then, it will be of eternal consequence.


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