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by on September 3, 2018


The world is squeezing you into its mold. It is an unhealthy mold. Resisting it requires boldness and courage. Resisting it requires awareness of the evil nature of the enemy. Only anger and rebellion will empower you to fight the insidious inroads of this world’s system. Where are the men and women who will resist and rebel and chart a Godly course?

From marriage and family to church to nation, people are living far below the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. The fear and pain of many lives is not necessary. It is way past time for a Godly rebellion. Cast out the bondwoman and her children. Look to Sarah and her heritage of freedom and life and love for your life. It is time for a rebellion. Where and who are the rebels God is calling and sending?

Father God is raising up an body of people who are grieved with the fearful, stilted, sad, controlling systems that are destroying people. NIMBY is not the answer. “Nice” is not a fruit of the Spirit. All the comfortable people living in luxury are ignoring the hurting and pained. Gods Spirit is moving God’s people. It is time. Now!


God chooses those who will rebel against the status quo and will chart a course to and for God. He chooses them to change His world.

He was/is looking for, His eyes run to and fro to find, those who would rebel against: Injustice, Sloth, Irresponsibility, Passivity, Mediocrity and other similar and destructive ills.

Injustice ignores or maybe even causes injury to the innocent. Sloth is the laziness of complacency in the face of wrong and need. Irresponsibility resists the needs of the moment or the future and does not get involved. Passivity does not get in the way of evil. Mediocrity tolerates less than excellent thinking and behavior. More illustrations could be used.

God chose Mary. How many options were there? How many Godly girls did He have from which to choose?

God chose Joseph. How many options were there? How many Godly men did He have from which to choose?

What about Daniel, or Joseph or, Esther, or Deborah, or, or….. or what about you? Are you a rebel? Are you willing to be a rebel? Do you hate evil? Do you hate evil in your life? Do you hate injustice? Do you rebel at mediocrity? Do you reject passive living? Does sloth make you angry?

God chose the Apostle Paul. All that dynamic encapsulated in one individual – could be used to change the world and it was.

Has God chosen you? From whom does He have to choose? How many options are there? Are you willing to suffer? Because suffer you will.

There is evil rebellion and there is good rebellion. Good rebellion is rebellion against Satan’s rebellion against God and His Kingdom. Good rebellion is anger and action against the destructions of sin. Good rebellion is the victory of virtue. It is war – good rebel vs. bad rebel – may the good rebels win. How can that happen?

Drives the researcher to defeat cancer.
Drives the counselor to combat the depression.
Drives the pastor to speak truth and love to the hurting pew.
Drives the prophet to pray:
“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!”
Drives the loving spouse to fight for the marriage.
Drives the judge to confront the crime and the criminal.
Drives the Godly person to face and eliminate sin.
Drives the friend to bring healing to broken relationships.
Drives the father to not tolerate rebellion in his young son.
Refuses to accept the status quo of lives gone wrong.
Refuses to rest as long as there are innocents being abused.
Drives Godly people to give heart and soul and to die in the rebellion.
Drives just persons to resist the levity and nonsense of foolish living.
Drives Christ-followers to take joyfully the spoiling of their goods and reputation.
Drives Godly persons to rebel against the sins of their own hearts and lives.
Drove Jesus to drive out the illicit transactions at the temple.

God’s Word, expressed in the life of Jesus in you, is His Word that, ‘this is how life is meant to be.’ There is no room for selfishness in that Word or in that world. The Gospel of God through the Holy Spirit is designed to change the world as it first changes you.

Jesus died. He was hated without a cause. If He has called you to live with Him, they will hate you too – without a cause. He said so. It will take all your faith to continue with Him while they are killing you like they did Him.

If you are a rebel rebelling against the mediocrity of the state of Spiritual life,
God bless you. Do not passively accept and resign yourself to the status quo of what ever is will be. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers, for the harvest is great and the laborers are few.

If you stand with Him, He will stand with you. Live and die for Him. He lived and died and lives for you.

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