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by on October 4, 2018

God possess masculine and feminine characteristics.
That is where we, as His children, have the Source of our characteristics.

God places His masculine characteristics in men
God places His feminine characteristics in women
The way I can know God’s feminine characteristics is to know and honor the women He created. When I know and honor them, I get to know the feminine characteristics of our Creator.

For me to dishonor and/or disrespect girls and women in any way is to dishonor and disrespect our Creator and thus remove myself from half of the God who I will thus never know. To fall from masculinity into maleness will remove me from the wholeness God intended for me and us.

Only in the relationships between women and men can I/we know the God who created us in His image – male and female created He us. How amazing. How wonderful. Live in the wonder of the Creator, not in the sin of the adversary who is intent on division and destruction and death.

Many girls are so injured or jaded that they cannot (unless they receive much care) display the feminine image of God that is hidden in them. It is there. Godly men will see and honor that image as an amazing gift from Creator God.

I have heard the voice of God speaking to me as a man. When I speak with a woman and she speaks to me, I hear the voice of God in a different dialect. If that woman is emotionally and Spiritually healthy, her voice is healing and more of a blessing that words can explain. Even if/when she is not as healthy as she would like to be, the message is important for me to hear.

It is together that we are the image of our Creator. God placed us here to be His image to the world. As His children, we are God’s message and messengers to His world. We must do that together – women and men together are the Creator’s message to His creation.
We are His creation.


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