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Kevin 2019

by on March 24, 2019


We think of how we miss you.
Sometimes we forget what you are missing.

You are missing us but more than that
You are missing the sin of the age
That you never knew.

God saw best to invite you home with Him
Before you could learn the evil of this world.
And so, you are missing that.

It is OK to miss that.
God never intended that we should eat of the
Tree of knowledge of good and evil.
He wanted us to eat of the tree of Life.

He made man good. He made you good.
Good. As He wanted us all to be.
Good. Good, and not evil
Evil that corrupts and destroys
Women and men and their children
You are missing that.
And that is OK. That is good. Good.

And so, we know that you are good. Good.
Good as God intended us all to be.
But time tricks and cons us into compromise
Like Eve and Adam and their children.

But some. Like you. Miss that.
That is God’s plan – for you to miss that.
For you to not know that
So you can know only good
For eternity and for all the eternities there will ever be.

But still, we miss you and long to see you again
And we will – as we hate the evil of this world
To prepare for the good of the next world
To eat from the tree of Life
And live forever. Good. Like you
We will. We know. We trust. We long for that world
For the trees of that world
For those who live in that world

For now you are missing the evils of this world
And we are missing the good of your world
And eating from the tree of Life.

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