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Love as Healing for Desperation Part VII

by on April 10, 2019

Love as Healing for Desperation Part VII

Jesus said, His people would be known by love – love for God and love for each other so the world will know that we are children of the Heavenly King and His Kingdom. Is that happening? It must happen if we are to be the Church of Jesus Christ.

God spoke life into existence. God uses us to speak healing into other people’s lives. We speak life to get in the way of evil and the evil one.
We speak life into lives who are desperate.

Speak truth into lies
Speak love into fears
Speak Spirit into flesh
Speak victory into defeat
Speak adoption into bondage
Speak joy into pain
Speak peace into problems
Speak faith into desperation
Speak care into loneliness
Speak kindness into hurts
Speak trust into suspicion
Speak acceptance into rejection
Speak patience into anxiety
Speak comfort into the fainting
Speak compassion into heartache
Speak calmness to the fearful
Speak strength to the fragile
Speak warning into disobedience
Speak healing to the broken hearted
Speak security into abuse
Speak confidence into failure
Speak vulnerability into control
Speak gentleness into anger
Speak direction into searching
Speak forgiveness into guilt
Speak understanding into distress
Speak opportunity into loss
Speak joy into sadness
Speak ‘God’ into despair
Speak hope into desperation
Speak life into death

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