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Love as Healing for Desperation Part VIII

by on April 11, 2019

Love as Healing for Desperation Part VIII

We have all been hurt and we will be hurt again. What shall we do? What can we do?

In spite of Disney and Frozen and Let it Go! That is not God’s plan. God’s plan is not to eliminate your sister with an icy blast or any other kind of attack. God’s plan is restoration. He will restore His creation. He is restoring relationships right now. That is His plan. We can work with Him or we can work against His plan of restoration.

God’s plan is not, “Let it Go.” God’s plan is restoration.

Are there exceptions? Of course. No one need be subjected to abuse. Modern definitions of abuse have muddied the waters. Anything can be dubbed abuse. Not true. Abuse is abuse. Mistakes are mistakes. Errors are errors. Many families need to be shown a better way so life can exist. Common sense, which is in short supply, knows the difference.

Godly people, teachers, and church leaders know the difference. They step in and prevent the harm and provide protection. When that does not happen, Godly men get in the way of evil, regardless of the cost!

But, sometimes God has a plan for your pain. Joseph could have cried foul on his family. He could have moped, or lashed out, or …. Instead, he said, “You meant it for evil but God meant it for good.” That is something that worldly counseling will make sure does not happen! They will put his brothers in No Contact and order PFAs against them. Joseph will be protected and God’s plan will fail.

Why expect Joseph to forgive and restore? He was the innocent party. His brothers had the power. He was powerless. Except, God was there and had the power to save His people by the life of Joseph. We are good at breaking things and not good at restoring them again. If we would be God’s children we will restore. Jesus is very clear.

Matt. 5:23-24 – If you take your gift to the altar and remember that someone has something against you. Leave your gift there. Go and be reconciled. Then come back and offer your gift.
Matt. 18:15-20. If someone sins against you, go and tell him/her between you two alone. If they hear you, you are restored. If not, take someone with you and then take the situation to the church so restoration can happen.

That is the clear command of Jesus. It is not mistakable or mistaken. It is now blasé. Who cares? “Let it Go.” Cut them off. Go No Contact. We are destroying ourselves and the church. Life is not really that difficult. Restore. That is what Jesus said. That is what God is doing. That is the call on your life.

The joy of restoration comes to the prodigal and the Father.
It comes to the sheep and the Shepherd.
It comes to the child and the parent.
It comes to God and His creation.
It comes to Jesus and the thief on the cross.
It comes to Gomer and Hosea.
It comes to Joseph and His brothers.
It can come to you and those who need to be restored to you again.
Angels rejoice more over one restoration than over 99 who do not need restoring.

When restoration does not happen, sadness rules.
David cried, – “My son, my son, would God I had died for you,
O Absalom, my son, my son.”
Jesus cried over Jerusalem, “How often would I have gathered you to me
Paul cried to the Galatians – Have I become your enemy for telling you the truth?

Will there be pain? Of course. The fear of pain and the pain of fear are controlling our modern world. Pain management is the order of the day. Avoiding pain is the cause of more pain. Anything that causes pain must be avoided or destroyed. That is why Elsa can destroy her not-so-pretty sister in Frozen. That is why Cain slew his brother. We all have the power to do that. How can movie makers not know that? How can ‘Christians’ not know that?

Restoration destroys pain. Avoiding restoration deepens pain. Avoiding restoration creates isolation. Frozen heralds the fierce independence of isolation. The Church is to exemplify the warmth of fellowship, not the cold of isolation.

Our society is addicted to pain killers. Our churches are addicted to killing pain. Do not like this church? – go church shopping and find one that is a fit for you – one where things go your way. Where will this stop? Frozen is set in a frigid atmosphere. The Church of Jesus Christ is to be a warm fellowship.

Within the Church’s warm embrace
The child of God is molded.
God’s Spirit lighting up the face
And by His grace enfolded.
His childlike steps trace out Christ’s plan
And He becomes a godly man.
Alexander Mack

Loneliness and pain of heart rule where restoration does not. Arrogance and pride rule where restoration does not. Love and peace rule where restoration rules. That is why Jesus came to earth. He came to restore what sin destroyed. He came to heal the broken hearted. He came to overcome the effects of Satan’s deceit. He came to destroy the effects of Satan’s deceit.

He is calling us to be healers to those in our life.
He is calling us to get in the way of evil.
He is calling us to stand against the wiles of our enemy.
He has given us the ministry of reconciliation so God can restore our relationships.

Fix what is broken in your life. Restore. Restore. Restore.
And you will experience Joy, Joy, Joy.

Note: I do not watch movies. When people tell me about music and movies, I check the comments and reviews to discover what is influencing our people.

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