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Set Free – Break the Chains

by on April 17, 2019

Set Free – Break the Chains

We have some Amish friends who had vicious dog. They warned us to stay away from him. He was tied with a chain to a doghouse at the corner of the barn. If anyone got close to him, he would lunge against the chain that tied him to his pen. His bark and his teeth warned everyone to stay away.

They warned us to stay away. He is very dangerous. He is vicious. He will hurt you.

One day when we went to visit them, I looked for the dog to make sure the children did not get close and to keep everyone safe. No dog to be seen. The doghouse was there. The chain was there. No dog. Where is the vicious dog that you had here before?

Oh, he is sleeping over there under the tree. Not tied? Not tied. Is he not dangerous? No, not dangerous. What happened?

Remember how he would lunge at the end of his chain? Well, one day he broke the chain. He ran all around sniffing everything and checking out the whole yard and barn yard. They he came back and came to us and snuggled up close. He has been fine ever since.

How many people are like that? Held by chains that hold them in bondage. They lunge at the chain that holds them. They are vicious and dangerous. They will hurt you if you get close. They will not allow you inside of the reach of their chain. That is their turf and they will protect it at any cost. What to do?

The broken chain set him free. No longer bound. No longer chained. No longer confined to his limited little turf. No longer a threat to those who would venture close.

Life has many chains. Some are imposed on you and some you impose on yourself. Family of origin is famous for forming the links of chains that hold us to a certain turf and bind our hearts to limiting forces

Some of us accept the chain and sadly, we become complicit in the limiting process. Some of us lunge at the extent of the chain and have no idea what will happen. We just know that we have to protect the only turf we know.

Somehow we have not noticed the wide expanse of opportunity. The chain defines our world. The chain becomes us. It is safe. It protects us and keeps danger away as we frantically try to protect our invisible world that we have created

When finally the chain breaks – how ever, when ever, it breaks. What do we do? Do we run for the fartherest place we know or do not know or, do we come back to the fearful people and nuzzle them with the only language we know and tell them it is OK because we are now OK. And then do we go and lie down under the shade of the tree and find rest and peace.

It is an easy step to run from the broken chain to another chain that may be stronger than the one we broke. The world is full of chains waiting to bind you

The chain can become a distant memory or even be forgotten in our new world of freedom. Not freedom from chains but freedom from imposed controls that limit our dreams and hopes and longings.

Maybe someone broke the chain for us? Maybe someone weakened the chain when we were not on guard to prevent it. Maybe we just got strong enough to break the weak link that kept the other links together. Maybe our incessant lunging finally broke the stronghold and we found freedom.

Not freedom to run to another county but freedom to enjoy the liberties of the farm. Freedom to enjoy the affections of the Master. Freedom to live in peace with your own heart and mind. Freedom to bless those who provide for you. Freedom to respect and protect. Freedom to love and be loved.

Satan holds people in his fearful grip. He has devices. He will take you captive. Only when you come to your senses and see the chain for what it is – can you escape and live free. Learn a lesson from this formerly vicious dog. From fearful bondage to fearless freedom. That is available to and for you from Jesus Christ, the one who breaks the chains.
Jesus says, Know the truth and the truth will make you free.

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