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by on July 20, 2019


Scapegoats are a large part of history
Nero made Christians scapegoats for his failed empire
Hitler made Jews scapegoats for his super-race of people
People make other persons scapegoats for problems they do not want to face
Scapegoats are blamed but they are not guilty

It is easy to make someone a scapegoat for your problems
Helpers can find themselves blamed for other’s problems
The helper can become a scapegoat
The scapegoat then is saddled with the blame for the original problems
That existed before she/he was involved in helping

Jesus is the only scapegoat
He fulfilled the Leviticus teaching
By carrying the guilt and by dying for your and my problems

When we make other people to be scapegoats
We impose on them a load they should not carry
We impose on them a load they cannot carry
We impose on them a load that is not theirs to carry

We are to help to bear the load for those who are weak
But we cannot carry their problems that are theirs to carry
We can live to help each other
But we cannot die to free each other from sin.
Only Jesus can do that
Only Jesus has done that.

Thank you for making my problems to be your problems
Thank you for asking me to share my heart
That is your choice to do that
You lighten my burden and you comfort my heart
But, do not allow me to force you to carry my problems
That is not my option to do that
If I do that, I am in the wrong and bring hurt, confusion and pain to your life
I cannot do that
You are not my scapegoat
Jesus is the only scapegoat.

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