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Men, It Is Time to Love

by on October 15, 2019

Men, It is Time to Love

God says:
We, women and men, are ‘heirs together of the grace of life.
We, women and men, together, are the image of God.

If you love one woman – you have loved them all.
If you “love” many women you have loved none of them.

What that means is:
If you love and are faithful to one woman; your wife,
You have honored every woman by your faithfulness to your wife.

If you “love” many women – you have loved none of them,
Because you really did not love any of them.

Porn has one message:
Girls are throw-aways.
Turn the page, turn the page, turn the page …..,
Click the mouse, click the mouse, click, click, click…,
Next calendar page, January, February, March …..
Girls are throw-aways.
PLEASE, throw porn away!

Flee lust’:
The extinguishing of your lustful passions
Will be the exciting of your Godly graces’

Lust is now mainstream – even in the ‘christian’ community
Men are dropping like flies’
Allow me to change that,
Real men are standing like men.
Real men are respecting and protecting the girls and women in their lives.
Real men do not disrespect themselves by viewing porn

Men, it is time to love:
Honor and respect and protect these wonderful creations of our wonderful Creator,
And thus bless Him and them.

Amen and Amen

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