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You are Worth Being Loved

by on October 17, 2019

Love – You are Worth Being Loved

God made you in His image
You are valuable,
You are worth being loved
If people do not accept the belief that they are worth being loved
They reject love and ask,
‘Why would you love me?’
They think you are trying to ‘get something’ from them

They are so sensitive to any suggestion that someone may not love them.
They are so sensitive to feelings of abandonment.
They are so sensitive to feelings of rejection.
They should be…

If we do not feel worth being loved,
We project that feeling on those around us:
We live in fear
We live on high-alert
We blame
We accuse
We run
We hide

We run and hide from love
Love that would heal our heart
If we allowed it into our heart
If we were not so afraid
Of love
Of allowing someone close
Of welcoming another heart
Of the beauty of blended hearts
Of blended lives
Of shared experiences

There are safe places
There are safe people
People who want the best for you
People who love you

Reject the spirit of fear
Of abandonment
Of rejection
Of aloneness
Of feelings of worthlessness
Welcome the Spirit of power
Welcome the Spirit of love
Welcome the Spirit of clear thinking
Welcome the feeling of being worthy of love
Welcome love

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