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Love in an Inverted World

by on October 18, 2019

Love, In An Inverted World

Life’s Choices

You have two choices in life. Either life is about you or life is about others.
Do nice people finish last? Should that be true in Christian culture?

Self-care is important but we have inverted that also. Self-pampering has taken over: movies, pedicures, lavish vacations just because we can afford them, amusement parks, expensive clothing, and a whole host more.

Real self-care takes care of the self-needs so as to prepare you to be useful.
Paul told the Ephesian elders to:
Take heed to yourself – then,
Take heed to the flock.
To be useful to others, you need to fortify yourself with care and protection for your heart, mind, and life so you have something to offer.

The opposite of self-pampering is just as harmful. Self-depreciation and self-flagellation is just as harmful and just as unproductive. Martin Luther, according to some accounts, would whip his back until it bled. To what end? To look holy or maybe to look holier that others? This is not about monasteries. This is about love.

In an inverted world,
Right is wrong and wrong is right
Good is bad and bad is good
Black is white and white is black
Up in down and down is up
Love is suspect and apathy is love

“Why would you love me? “
“Why do you care about me?”
“What are you trying to get from me?”
How has love become so suspect that if you show love to me that I become suspicious and doubt your love? How did we get to that sad state of life?

It is only if you do not believe yourself worthy of love that you will doubt love. Open your heart today to those who love you and they will also open their hearts to the only answer to life. Love. That is God’s plan to turn His world right-side-up. The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

God loves you. He made you. He made you in His image. When you reject love, you are rejecting your Creator who formed you in His heart and with His loving care. All love is His love. Take care of yourself and take care of those God has placed in your life. That is God’s plan. That is God’s way of love to fix His world.

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