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Loved, Forgiven and Free – Guest Writer

by on January 29, 2020

Loved, Forgiven and Free

Woman of the city. Sinner. Prostitute. Broken. Ruined. Worthless.

That is who she was.

She had no place here in the house of Simon the Pharisee.
She had no place in the presence of Jesus the Carpenter.
He was holy; she unworthy.
What did she have to offer Him?
A flask of ointment and her adoration-that was all.
Would He accept that?
Would He accept her?
Or would His lip curl with disdain as His eyes fill with rage?
Would He throw her away like a piece of trash?
Was it worth the risk?

She had to try.
Falling at His feet; overcome with her sin, her brokenness.
Awed by His holiness and majesty.
Sobs racked her body-
Penitent tears pouring out of the brokenness of her soul onto the battered feet.
Ignoring the murmurs and looks of horror,
She kissed His feet.
This expression pouring out of a true heart of worship.
The fragrance of ointment filled the room as she broke open the flask.
Ointment bought with a lifestyle of sin
Emptied onto the feet of Christ the sinless Redeemer.

Then He spoke, but not to her. His words were direct to Simon the Pharisee,
Whose face was frozen in horror and disdain.
“Simon, I have something to tell you.”

“Speak, Rabbi.” His voice could not hide the disapproval he felt.
How could this renowned Teacher allow a woman like this to touch him?

“Two men owed the creditor-one owed five hundred pence, the other just fifty. Neither could pay the debt so the creditor simply forgave both. Now, which will love him more?”

“The one who owed more, I suppose.”

“You are correct.”

Jesus turned to her and held out His hand. She shrank back, afraid of what He would do. But He spoke again to Simon. “Do you see this woman?
When I came,
You gave me no water to wash my feet,
But she has washed them with her tears and wiped them with her hair.
You gave Me no kiss,
But she has not stopped kissing My feet.
You didn’t anoint My head with oil,
But she has poured out her ointment on My feet.

I want you to hear this: her sins are many, but they are forgiven;
For she has loved much. However,
The person who is forgiven little, loves little.”

Could she be hearing correctly? Did He really say that she was forgiven? Could He mean That she wasn’t worthless and ruined?
For the first time she raised her eyes to meet His gaze.
There was no lust, no disdain, no anger.
Not even disappointment was found in those eyes.
Only love so amazing it enveloped her,
Touching the darkest parts of her heart.

He spoke to her for the first time:
“Your sins are forgiven. Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”

Light flooded her soul.
He had accepted her.
She was not a worthless piece of trash to Him.
He saw value in her.
He forgave her.
He loved her.

Child of God. Redeemed. Healed. Valuable. Restored. Bride.

That is who she is.

Written by: A Young Sister
Published by permission

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