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Sunday is Mother’s Day

by on May 12, 2023

Part II
God did design for women and men to be together. It is together that we are the image of God. The masculine and the feminine together complete God’s plan for His creation. Whether married or not, we all need the perspectives that are native in both genders.

As men, sometimes we need some refinement – it is OK for you to address that. Don’t take charge. Don’t be a controller. Don’t be a boss. Don’t be Jezebel. Don’t be disrespectful. Make sensible suggestions. Most men will listen. If they don’t, you know what to do. You do not have to put up with misbehavior from men. Hold them accountable. There are good men who will bless and protect you. Find those men and honor them and follow them. That is Father God’s plan for life

Above all, be Godly. Godliness is the most powerful gate of all. Pattern your lives after the Godly women of the Bible and history. Be one of those women today. You may be a wife and if God wills, a mother. You will raise sons – another generation of Godly men to be accepted by another generation of Godly women to continue the work of God’s Kingdom here on earth until He comes. There is no more honorable task on earth.

You are the keeper of the home. You set the tone for the home. Your joy is the contagion that fills the home with happiness. Your contempt is the contamination that floods the home with sadness. Keep it joyful. Keep your heart close to the Master and your gratitude will bless all who enter your doors.

Since you keep the gate, your submission is voluntary. God has given you that power. Submission is relinquishing that power to God. That does not mean passivity. That does not mean submission to authority that is not Godly. That is also a gate that you keep. Wisdom is the word. Wisdom is sourced in God who gives liberally to all those who ask.

Marriage is not the time for you to capitulate to a controlling husband. Marriage is the time to be joined in a wonderful, mutual life of caring creativity. It is a time to form a team and work together in blessing the community around you. It is a time to be fulfilled as a wife and mother, aunt and grandmother. Marriage is a picture of Christ and His bride. Keep that gate with joy and happiness, not with grudging compliance but with the joy of the Lord in your heart.

As a mother you have been called to be a bride and then to birth a family. That is a high calling. It is the highest calling. You represent God’s will as you accept that calling and live it faithfully every moment of every day. You bring the feminine part of God to His creation.

Jesus’ heart would have gathered His children as a hen gathers her chicks. That is the heart that God placed in you. Only you can demonstrate that to His creation. Men struggle to do that. You do it naturally. You have been called to be mother. Your children call you mother. That is how you are honored. That is the gate you are called to keep.

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