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Two Kinds of Church

by on May 17, 2023

When we get to the end of the book of Revelation, we see two churches. Actually this has been true for most of history.

The persecuted Church of the first 300 years encountered Constantine. He offered to support the church in many ways. He offered to remove the persecution. The church accepted his offer.

This caused a division in the church. The original Church rejected his offer while the balance of the church accepted. The organizational church accepted the offer of the civil government. The original Church chose to not accept the offer of the protection of the civil government.

That was the turning point. One church chose to accept civil government protection. The original Church chose to not accept civil protection. There were then two kinds of church.

Revelation chapter 17 explains the church that accepted that protection.
Revelation chapters 19-22 explain the Church that did not accept that protection.

One Church is the faithful bride.
One church is the unfaithful bride.
Those are the two kinds of church.

When we read those chapters we see the stark differences between the churches.
Faithful and unfaithful bride.
True and false bride.
For centuries these two churches have flowed side by side through history. Eventually we reach the final chapters in the book of Revelation.
There is Church and there is church.
There are two kinds of church.

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