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Welcome to the Biblical Brethren Fellowship. The aim of this ministry is to present the truth of the Bible as understood by the Brethren. Over the years many groups have attempted to bring a Biblical perspective to faith and life. In 1525 the Swiss Brethren Anabaptist movement followed a Biblical pattern in contrast to the mainline Protestant Reformation. In 1708 the Schwarzenau Brethren, as an Anabaptist group, charted a Biblical course in the midst of the Pietistic movement. Now in 2012, during challenging times, it is the purpose of the Biblical Brethren Fellowship to bring a voice of truth from a conservative Brethren perspective. The prayerful intent of the BBF is that this perspective will be useful for the entire Anabaptist community and especially for the conservative Brethren.

The Anabaptist/Brethren community has produced many writings. From the familiar Schleitheim and Dordrectht confessions to Christopher Sauer and Harold Bender, our community has attempted to stay in touch with the needs and challenges of thinking and living Biblically in a changing world. These writings were not always received well but, at the same time, they typically served to strengthen the Church..

My life has been blessed by opportunities to study and teach. Teaching has led me to classroom teaching and administration for nearly 30 years. That experience has produced material on a number of subjects. It is now possible to share some of those writings with the community that I love and serve.

The content of the messages will primarily be Biblical with commentary on current events in the Anabaptist community. Church history and mutual admonition in the Church are also topics that will be included.  You are free to use, share, and pass on information found here and to use it for purposes of building the Church. You may use it with, or without, giving credit to the source. Please do not misquote any information found here. It is intended to be useful for building the Kingdom of God and not used to be harmful in any way.

Remember Jesus’ words, “The truth shall set you free.” Mercy and truth must be kept in balance and be used with God’s wisdom to know when and how to apply that balance. You have received this because of our shared interests or ministry and my belief that you may benefit from the materials. Paper copies can be supplied on request. Your comments are welcome. Please respond with your suggestions for improving this ministry and send contacts of other persons who may be interested.

Respectfully for building fellowship in the Word,

Frank L. Reed

  1. Peter Peters permalink

    Dear Frank,
    I’m so glad you published some of your experiences through this blog. May God Bless your ministry and your work in love that you always have practices.

    Thank you,


  2. joe russell permalink

    i refer to this site often
    thank you for being there

  3. Jim Meyers permalink

    Bro. Frank,
    I am glad to find this site and for your being willing to share experiences and insights on the Christian life. I am thinking of using your writing on The Godly Man and Woman in an upcoming study in our congregation.
    Jim Meyers

    • bbfflr permalink

      Thank you Jim. You are free to use the material. You do not have to give me credit when doing so.

      Blessings to you and your ministry,


  4. Gary Stevens permalink

    Bro. Frank. In reference to your Feb 18 comments, split or splinter. My experience in Western Pa was that all the small Menn. Churches worked in harmony with each other.They had some unity in practice and theology and there has not been a split in that area. When I went into 1W service, I found a different perspective. The Menn. backgrounds were varied, some of the 1W boys would hardly warm up to each other because of the splits that had separated them. I saw their splits had made big splinters. Even when I split firewood, there is always splinters. I could detail which Menn. group lacked respect and had low morals but that is for another day.
    Thanks G.S.

    • bbfflr permalink

      It is true, Gary, there are so many aspects to consider. The gripping data currently is that the conservative Menno groups are growing and the Brethren are in serious decline. A few years ago, there was the Turn Around Task Team in the Atlantic NorthEast district. You may have read their report. I think it is on the web somewhere – not sure where.

  5. I found your blog from an email that was sent to me via email regarding the Super Bowl and I want to say Amen! I won’t watch the Super Bowl. Our church is having a Super Bowl party today but I’m staying home. Have no interest in seeing cheerleaders dressed like they are going walking the streets and other trash that may flash across the screen.
    Thank you for your godly articles.

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