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Born Again


When you were born again, you were born INTO Christ’s Body. You are a member, a vital part of THE Church, the heavenly order that is truly Church.

Your enjoyment of the fullness of Christ, your participation in Church, is dependent on His actual Lordship in your deepest walk of life. And that was Paul’s work, to call saints over and over back into and under the Lordship of Christ. This is ministry! And this alone is Church: “To be governed by the Holy Spirit.”

Church IS and happens where Christ is Lord. ‘Church’ doesn’t have to be pumped up, shouted about, advertised. Just help people surrender to the Lordship of Christ and Church will appear.

It has nothing to do with meetings, organizations, or projects. It has to do ONLY with Christ as Lord. Jesus as Lord, Master, King—not in ‘talk’, not in sloppy sentimentality, not in grandiosity. Lord…

Martha Kilpatrick

Children of God


Sons of God

“We do ourselves and God a disservice by continually harping upon our own sinfulness. We do very much more good if we honestly believe and reckon upon our capacity, through Christ, of sinlessness.

So often one has heard Christians taking an almost morbid delight in their discoveries of their own sinfulness, yet how rarely has one heard of Christians delighting in their own God-given capacity not to sin.

God’s heredity is in you and me, a potent and in the last resort undefeatable factor in our personalities. Just as surely as human traits of character will come out in our children, so surely will the likeness of Christ be exhibited in those who are God’s sons through Him.

We are slow to believe this, and we tend to play it down as though it were somehow presumptuous on our part to believe that the very nature of God is in us. We may, and we should, feel unworthy of such high honor, but the whole glory and beauty of the Gospel is that it is God’s free gift. There is no question here of deserving – nobody deserves this gift of God.

It is all part of God’s amazing generosity that in order to make His vast plan of reconciliation practicable through frail and often unreliable human agents, He not only calls them sons of God, BUT MAKES THEM SONS OF God. He does not give them a mere tantalizing title; He implants a dependable heredity within them.

J.B. Phillips in Making Men Whole p.53

Christ Within Us


Making Men Whole

“Unhappily in our day the Christian religion is all too often reduced to a performance to please an external God, while to the early Christians it was plainly the invasion of their lives by a new quality or life – nothing less than the life of God Himself.

I believe this lack of faith in God-within-us is largely unconscious; for while we should be the first to recognize that lack of faith on man’s part inhibited even the powers of Christ Himself, yet I do not think we realize that this same lack of a faith in Christ-within-us prevents the operation of His power, and our proper development as sons of God.

There is far too … little quiet confidence in the Christ within us.”

J.B. Phillips in Making Men Whole, 1953 p.51

As He Said!


He is Risen!

Shame or Joy


Shame or Joy

In the garden Adam and Eve were naked and were not ashamed
When they sinned – they were ashamed

On the cross, Christ was naked and He carried our shame
On the cross, Christ was naked and He was not ashamed
He was not ashamed because he bore our shame because He loved us
He was, is not ashamed of us

For both He who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified are all of one, for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren
Hebrews 2:11

On the cross we became a family, His family –
Excruciating (from the cross) pain bonded us together

Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2
Christ did not allow the shame to destroy Him. He destroyed the shame by choosing Joy.

Be a workman who is not ashamed – rightly dividing the Word of truth.

Shame condemns but Joy overcomes shame

We Are Healed


Surely He has born our sorrows
And by His stripes, we are healed.

Holy Week


This is Holy Week

The events of this week are recorded in Sacred history. These events are considered holy. This is Holy Week. The Holy One was here. He lived and died. He walked and talked and worked. He learned. He suffered. He loved. And He was rejected. Since He lived here – lived here as we do – all of life is holy. This is Holy Week but now…

Now – all weeks are holy, and all work is holy, and all life is holy. Because He, He who was/is God became human, lived here on this earth. He lived and died and He was/is holy. Now all of life is holy. His Holiness invaded His terrestrial creation. He turned water into wine. He turned death into life. He turned sadness into joy. He turned drudgery into holiness. Daily work became daily blessing.

All of life is holy because He was here and He is holy. Farming is holy. Baking bread is holy. Teaching and studying are holy. Being a nurse is holy. All of life is holy. Because He was here and He is holy. All life of all believers is holy.

Holy – to be set apart. Set apart from wrong and sin. Set apart from all that is wrong. Whatever we do can be holy if we are holy. If we are set apart. Set apart from sin and wrong and abuse and politics and dishonesty and pride, and, and …

Even suffering is holy because it sets us apart. Apart to Him. He lived this week facing certain death. Like us. We live out our weeks facing certain death. And life. Life because He is life. On the other side of death was/is life. Life forever and forever. And so, even death is holy. It sets us apart. Apart from the temptations and sins of this life. Death is the eventual true holiness – it sets us apart from the presence of sin and tears and death. Like Him.

Like Him in His life and like Him in His death. All of life is holy. Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. Not only is this week holy – all weeks are holy, no matter their sorrow or joy. They are holy because He is holy and we are His and so we are also holy. This week and all weeks until our holy week. The week we live before we die. Die to live. Die to live again – forever.

And so we live, and so we die, to live forever. He was despised and rejected of men, and so are we. It is part of being holy. We live – and He lives – in us. And His life in us gives us life to live each week, each day, each hour, each minute, each breath – holy.
Holy for Him because He is holy for us. Wholly for Him because He is wholly for us.