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Life and Love and Our Prayer


This is Our Prayer

Our – For all of us who are your children.

Father – We are all children of the same Father. We have your DNA.

In Heaven – You are watching over all of us and everything you created. You are present with interest. You are the Sustainer.

Your name is holy – We honor your name as holy. We hallow your name in our lives.

Your Kingdom come – Among all the kingdoms of this world which will all pass away, your eternal Kingdom is our desire. Our hearts beat in your Kingdom. We are citizens of your Kingdom no matter which kingdom presently rules on this earth.

Your will be done – That is all we care for – for your will to be done. Not my will but your will be done. Not our will, but your will be done. We submit to your will in our personal lives and in all of life.

On earth as it is in Heaven – What a wonderful thought. Your perfect will is done in Heaven. We so long for that to be true here on earth also. And so we pray for that wonderful experience to be our experience here and now. Our energies are expended to pursue that wonderful time when it can and will be true. For now it is true for us as your children

Give us this day our daily bread – In spite of all of our preparations, our daily sustenance is totally dependent upon you and so we ask your provisions for our physical lives.

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors – Uh-Oh – this one is hard. So much we need forgiveness. We need to be forgiven by you. And you have made this contingent upon our being like you in our forgiveness of others. Lord help us….. We can and we will just as you have done and will do.

And lead us not into temptation – We know that you do not. We also know that you test us. Please Lord, give us grace to see your power to live victoriously in these tests that you place into our lives….

But, deliver us from evil – Indeed. Evil is everywhere. We do not always see it. Sometimes it looks like good. Oh Lord – please deliver us from evil. Evil is determined to destroy us but Salvation is of the Lord. Deliver us from evil – our very Spiritual existence depends on this.

For yours is the Kingdom- Yes, your Kingdom is really the only Kingdom anywhere. All other kingdoms will be carried away like the dust on the threshing floor but your Kingdom will grow into a great mountain and it will fill the whole earth and it will stand for ever. Thank you that we are part of your eternal Kingdom.

And yours is the power – Thank you Father for the power. Power for living. Power for living life with and for you. Your power in us is the power that provides the power for us to live above the evil and temptation and lack of forgiveness and lack of thankfulness and wanting our own will above your will.

And yours is the glory – What is glory? – Our minds cannot wrap around the concept of glory.
It is the ineffable light in which you dwell.
It is the immeasurable love which you offer.
It is the unchangeable purpose which you chart through our history.
It is the boundless compassion with which you shepherd your children.
It is the unshakable confidence that you possess as you unravel the mysteries of your worlds to our spellbound eyes and minds.
It is the hope of our hearts.

Forever – In the endless, ceaseless ages of eternity – from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

Amen – So may it be.
We agree with you in this wonderful prayer that you taught us to pray.
We submit to your will and to your Kingdom.
We long for the eschaton of this prayer to be realized in our personal lives now and in your eternal plan for your creation forever.


Life and love and Mother’s Day


Life and love – Mother’s Day

This is the day to honor all the Godly women in our lives whether they are mothers or not. God created Eve beautiful to be the complementary partner to Adam. It is still that way. Women complete men. A wife completes her husband. She does not replace him. She does not usurp authority from him. She makes him complete.

As men, we are raising the next generation of wives and mothers. Our character determines their joy for life. Our purity keeps them emotionally healthy and Spiritually strong. Our love provides their security and shows them what kind of man to choose for a husband someday.

What an amazing honor for us as men to be able to live here on God’s earth and love and protect the girls and women He has placed into our lives.

We have a mother.
We have a sister
We have a wife.
We have a daughter.

Adore and cherish these wonderful ladies that God has shared with you.
They are His gifts to complete your life as a man.

Blessings to the Godly women in our lives today and every day. You are God’s gifts to us as men.


Love and Life as Women and Men


Love and Life as Women and Men

God has a plan. He made men and women. He intends for us to get along well and respect and bless each other. He does not intend insult, injury, abuse, or harm. He intends for us to respect and protect and love each other.

Our differences are complementary. We complete each other. We are not in competition. We treat each other with genuine love. We communicate safety safely without fear because we respect and protect each other in every way.

We are made to live together as sisters and brothers. If we marry, He intends for us to live as husband and wife. In family, He intends for us to live in harmony and joy.

Our pattern for life is the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ
Our security in life is the love of God our Father.
Our relationships for life are the fruit of the Holy Spirit of truth.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control mold our relationships. Those are the expressions of the Spirit of Holiness who lives within us. That same Spirit governs the body of Christ which is our collective identity.

We bring blessing to each other in cases of harm or injury of any kind. Our hearts are always open to give and receive love. Healing love comes from our relationship with our Creator and Sustainer. We are His children and we live His love. We live to honor Him and each other. We put the needs of others ahead of our own.

We protect the vulnerable, guide the distressed, and heal the hurting. We comfort the grieving, direct the wayward and share our resources. We give and receive counsel with Biblical wisdom.

We never exploit, and are always safe, rejoice in truth and revel in joy. We bless and are blessed. We confront without fear and offer healing without shame.

Business is conducted fairly. Romance results in marriage. Friendships grow and bless both women and men. Boundaries are observed and replace any walls that need to be torn down.

What a wonderful life. What a wonderful world. What a amazing Life of Love here on planet earth as we anticipate the joys and bliss of eternity. We live a bit of Heaven here and now as we honor the plan of our marvelous and majestic Creator by Living His Love.

We are daughters and sons of One Father whose life we share and whose image we bear.

Life and Love – My Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother


Life and Love – My Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother

Spiritual Adoption as part of Christian Church

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.
Matt. 12:50, Mark 3:35.

For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel. I Cor. 4:15

So, the Scripture provides for families in the Church. If and when families struggle, the Church can provide persons and structure to bless and take the place of the deceased or struggling family member.

Because we all have the same Father – Our Heavenly Father

Just as Jesus had a Heavenly Father and an earthly father, so we have a Heavenly Father and earthly fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

In this way, the Church provides and supplies needed family to the members in the Body of Christ.

Life and Love and the Real You


Life and Love and the Real You

The Real You

The real you is the you that God made. Hidden under pain and distress and shame is the beautiful person that God created – the one-and-only you.

He did not need to make you but He did and He loves you and He likes you because He made you.

What He does not like is when people hurt you and you get lost in the pain of that hurt – and the real you is lost under all the shame of who you think you are.

What He does not like is when you hurt yourself and you get lost in the pain of that self-harm and you reject His love and life – the life He gave to you.

What He does not like is when you allow the world to squeeze you into its world and you become something He did not intend.

What He does like is when you accept yourself for who He made you and you become the beautiful person He made you to be – the one-and-only you. You are the joy of His life and love.

You can be who God made you to be. He has a plan for your life. He has an amazing plan for your life. He wants to use you to bless His world. He wants you to bless your world.

He wants you to be born again. Being born again is being born out of the flesh and into the Spirit. Your spirit is born from His Spirit. The real you emerging from the pain of birth into the beauty of life – that is the real you.

Love, Life, and Vulnerability


Love, Life, and Vulnerability

Are you strong enough to risk or do you always have to be defensive and protective of yourself?

If you are strong, you can be vulnerable. If you are weak, you cannot.

What if you are rejected? Then what happens to you? Do you fall apart?

If you are in this alone, you will fall apart.
If you are with God in this, you will stay together.
He will hold you together.

We have this treasure in earthen vessels (clay pots).
We break easily unless God is in our vessel,
Then we are unbreakable.

We are weak, but with God in us, we are strong. Strong enough to risk loving those who cannot ever love us back.
That is what Jesus did and does and wants to do through you.

Life and Love


Life and Love

Life is to be filled with joy and not with pain .

Bring joy and beauty into someone’s life today

And bring healing to their pain.