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Question and Answer


Question- What is the problem with the world?
Answer – Men

Question – What is God’s answer to what is wrong with the world?
Answer – Godly men

Men – you are either the problem or you are the answer
Which will it be in your life today?

“A Story of Opportunity”


“A Story of Opportunity”

How would you meet a dictator and find a way to make a deal with him?
Good question. What strategy or tactics would you use? Good questions. What are the answers?

President Trump apparently wowed the dictator and mesmerized him with a short video of how things could be. Imagine Kim Jong Un seeing the images on the screen and comparing them to his regime.

Condemning and threats would have been easier but not nearly as effective – there could have been war.

The White House used wisdom and tact in offering something they would think to be out of the realm of possibility.


Can we offer people what is thought to be outside of the realm of their possibility? That is what God has done. That is what Jesus did. We, the Church of Jesus Christ, have the amazing opportunity to teach and live that option.

They will know you by your love, the Master said. When they see how you love each other, they will be mesmerized and captured by the possibility of experiencing that love. That costly love. That precious love.

When paradigms change, possibilities can emerge. Lives have to showcase the power of the risen Lord of life in our lives. Stories of victory over sin and harm and depression….

Jesus said, …the children of this world are, in their generation, wiser than the children of light Luke 16:8. The White House proved that this week.

With a five-minute video, a regime was challenged and conquered. Now, of course, in the grand scheme of things, this is just a pause in the narrative of history. This is not likely to be lasting peace but, it is a glimpse into what is possible – it is behaviorism – it is not really change of heart.

But, if people are shown what can be possible when love replaces hate and wisdom replaces war, the essence of the Kingdom of God is revealed.

God responds to our failures and differences with His grace.
His Amazing Grace –
How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!

Repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration seem to be scenes from the past in the Anabaptist world. From the slightest personal infringements to the most grievous denominational differences, we have forgotten who we are. Jesus said that we are to go personally to the offender and restore fellowship.

That is the rule-of-Christ. That is the rule by which Jesus said we are to live. That is the possibility He sets before us today.

Are we wiser in our generation than our forebears were in theirs?
Are the children of this world wiser than we are?
Could that be a possibility?
Or must we have war?

Lessons in Soul Care – A Character Study


Lessons in Soul Care – A Character Study

I and II Samuel are a story of character study

Do you see yourself in this story?
Where is God calling you?
Are you being faithful to that calling?

Are you David?– Behave wisely, do not throw spears, flee instead of fight, guard your heart
Are you Jonathan?– Be forthright and faithful and honest and a loyal friend
Are you Saul’s wife? – Faithfully raise your son while in a difficult marriage
Are you the people? – Do not blindly follow leaders who are not Godly
Are you Nathan? -Tell the truth to the king – be tactful and honest, be God’s messenger
Are you Saul? -Confess, repent, return to the Lord and seek His forgiveness and blessing before it is too late
Are you Samuel?– Fearlessly speak God’s truth to the leaders, do not neglect your family

Lessons in Soul Care – A Love Story


Lessons in Soul Care – A Love Story

A Love Story – Joseph and Mrs. Potiphar

Joseph loved Mrs. Potiphar. How do we know that? He took good care of her house. He honored her marriage. He respected her as a person. He guarded her reputation. He respected her husband. His actions toward her were sourced in genuine love.

Did Mrs. Potiphar love Joseph? She certainly expressed an intense interest in him. She must have known him well. She waited until no other servants were in the house to coax him into a tryst with her. Imagine the bragging rights she must have anticipated – to be the one to have gotten Joseph into bed with her.

But, did she love him? Hardly, she wanted to use him to love herself, if that can be called love. Her focus was on herself. She was interested in the pleasure he could afford her. That is not love. That is selfishness.

So, when she did not get her way with him, what did she do? She blamed and accused him falsely and retaliated against a perfectly honorable man who would not do what she wanted him to do. Is that love? That is not love. That is despicable, self-centered and wicked.

Did Joseph love Mrs. Potiphar? So much that he would suffer for truth even in the face of prison time for him. He would not compromise. He would not sin. He would not do this great wickedness and sin against his God. He loved Mrs. Potiphar, but he loved God more.

This is a love story – not the type of love story in which we may find ourselves fascinated, but a true love story – a real love story – a Godly man rejecting pleasurable sin and doing what is right even in the face of certain disgrace and punishment.

That is real love.
That is a real love story.
That is God’s love story.

Lessons in Soul Care


Protecting yourself


Take care of your self – Jesus came apart to rest for a while

Be honest with yourself about yourself, others and God
Truth and honesty will eventually bring healing
Respect yourself – God made you to be an impact in your world
Seek competent long-term counsel – follow their counsel
Make a team of trusted people to surround you
Be the adult in the room – see things clearly – make wise choices
Rise above the messy situations
Have confidence in your decisions
Make long-range plans
Stay with a plans
Take charge if it is obvious that no one is being responsible
Be kind to all
Realize that wisdom is a gift from God
Invest time in God’s Word
Pray for specific people
Realize that life is a long term process
Take charge of your own life with discipline in each area of life
Make boundaries to protect and honor yourself and others
Boundaries build safe space around you so you can live
Grieve your losses – grief will bring healing
Be willing to suffer for what is right
Give yourself for others, but not always to others
Thank people seven times
Be grateful – gratefulness is a life-changing experience
Be cheerful – it is contagious
Model in your own life what you want to see in other’s lives

Do not:

Do not live in survival mode
Do not allow setbacks to derail your plans
Do not be discouraged when people disagree with you
Do not allow polarization of family, ministry, etc.
Do not associate with people who cannot or will not help
Do not make walls that keep people out unless they are harmful
Do not pity yourself
Do not fear humans, fear God
Do not try to control people – you can only control your own responses to them and try to bring them to truth and love
Do not allow someone to treat you in an abusive way

Realize that all pain and suffering must be kept and understood in the context of the suffering of Jesus. None of us comes close to the sorrow and rejection He suffered.
Remember that the real enemy is Satan. He controls people. Do not allow him to control you.
Communicate – make sure that people understand you and that you understand them

Grief tends to follow patterns – allow yourself to grieve.
Remember that feelings of anger or hatred are often misdirected.

Disappointment or anger can make us believe that we hate the person who caused our distress. If you love them, admit that to yourself and allow your feelings of love to minister to them in spite of your pain. At the same time, protect yourself from allowing them to continue to hurt you if they refuse to change their ways.

Commit all of life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ

God bless you as you bless those God has placed in your life

Life and Love and Our Prayer


This is Our Prayer

Our – For all of us who are your children.

Father – We are all children of the same Father. We have your DNA.

In Heaven – You are watching over all of us and everything you created. You are present with interest. You are the Sustainer.

Your name is holy – We honor your name as holy. We hallow your name in our lives.

Your Kingdom come – Among all the kingdoms of this world which will all pass away, your eternal Kingdom is our desire. Our hearts beat in your Kingdom. We are citizens of your Kingdom no matter which kingdom presently rules on this earth.

Your will be done – That is all we care for – for your will to be done. Not my will but your will be done. Not our will, but your will be done. We submit to your will in our personal lives and in all of life.

On earth as it is in Heaven – What a wonderful thought. Your perfect will is done in Heaven. We so long for that to be true here on earth also. And so we pray for that wonderful experience to be our experience here and now. Our energies are expended to pursue that wonderful time when it can and will be true. For now it is true for us as your children

Give us this day our daily bread – In spite of all of our preparations, our daily sustenance is totally dependent upon you and so we ask your provisions for our physical lives.

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors – Uh-Oh – this one is hard. So much we need forgiveness. We need to be forgiven by you. And you have made this contingent upon our being like you in our forgiveness of others. Lord help us….. We can and we will just as you have done and will do.

And lead us not into temptation – We know that you do not. We also know that you test us. Please Lord, give us grace to see your power to live victoriously in these tests that you place into our lives….

But, deliver us from evil – Indeed. Evil is everywhere. We do not always see it. Sometimes it looks like good. Oh Lord – please deliver us from evil. Evil is determined to destroy us but Salvation is of the Lord. Deliver us from evil – our very Spiritual existence depends on this.

For yours is the Kingdom- Yes, your Kingdom is really the only Kingdom anywhere. All other kingdoms will be carried away like the dust on the threshing floor but your Kingdom will grow into a great mountain and it will fill the whole earth and it will stand for ever. Thank you that we are part of your eternal Kingdom.

And yours is the power – Thank you Father for the power. Power for living. Power for living life with and for you. Your power in us is the power that provides the power for us to live above the evil and temptation and lack of forgiveness and lack of thankfulness and wanting our own will above your will.

And yours is the glory – What is glory? – Our minds cannot wrap around the concept of glory.
It is the ineffable light in which you dwell.
It is the immeasurable love which you offer.
It is the unchangeable purpose which you chart through our history.
It is the boundless compassion with which you shepherd your children.
It is the unshakable confidence that you possess as you unravel the mysteries of your worlds to our spellbound eyes and minds.
It is the hope of our hearts.

Forever – In the endless, ceaseless ages of eternity – from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

Amen – So may it be.
We agree with you in this wonderful prayer that you taught us to pray.
We submit to your will and to your Kingdom.
We long for the eschaton of this prayer to be realized in our personal lives now and in your eternal plan for your creation forever.


Life and love and Mother’s Day


Life and love – Mother’s Day

This is the day to honor all the Godly women in our lives whether they are mothers or not. God created Eve beautiful to be the complementary partner to Adam. It is still that way. Women complete men. A wife completes her husband. She does not replace him. She does not usurp authority from him. She makes him complete.

As men, we are raising the next generation of wives and mothers. Our character determines their joy for life. Our purity keeps them emotionally healthy and Spiritually strong. Our love provides their security and shows them what kind of man to choose for a husband someday.

What an amazing honor for us as men to be able to live here on God’s earth and love and protect the girls and women He has placed into our lives.

We have a mother.
We have a sister
We have a wife.
We have a daughter.

Adore and cherish these wonderful ladies that God has shared with you.
They are His gifts to complete your life as a man.

Blessings to the Godly women in our lives today and every day. You are God’s gifts to us as men.